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Whitebird faces industry challenges, including competition from synthetics and declining demand. However, they see potential in sustainability trends and the growth of organic wool, despite its higher production costs.


The goal of the Whitebird rebranding project is to update their visual identity and online presence to showcase their organic wool products and connect with customers. They aim to increase market visibility and expand their business.


Whitebird is tackling challenges by rebranding, enhancing their online presence, and prioritizing B2B engagement. Their new brand focuses on values like animal welfare, education, and sustainability. This approach aims to boost market visibility, connect with customers, and promote the importance of organic wool and proper animal care. Trade shows will also play a role in expanding their reach.


Project summary

Whitebird faces challenges including fluctuating market demand, rising feed costs, and unpredictable weather. However, they see opportunities in digital design and social media to expand their business and better connect with customers, showcasing their high- quality organic wool products.

The Whitebird rebranding project aimed to update their visual identity and online presence to showcase their organic wool products and connect with customers. The new brand represents their values and will attend trade shows to increase market visibility.

Marketing Research

Industry overview

The wool industry produces natural fiber from sheep, used in clothing, carpets, and insulation. Challenges include competition from synthetic fibers and declining demand, but interest in sustainable products and technology improvements offer potential for growth.

Organic wool

Organic wool must meet strict standards for animal welfare, feed, and chemical use. It's used in various products and is more expensive due to higher production costs. The organic textile industry is growing.

Benefits of organic wool
5 Wool trends for 2023

New Brand Strategy

User Persona
Logo design & color palette

Implementation Plan

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