Egyptian Diorama

3D Modeling


Explorer 3D Game Kit


1 Months


3D Modeling


Maya, Mudbox, Adobe Substance Painter



To seamlessly integrate a new Egyptian mythology theme into the existing game world of Explorer 3D Game Kit, requiring the creation of assets that align with the theme while maintaining the overall coherence and visual style of the game.


To develop a visually captivating Diorama within the Explorer 3D Game Kit that immerses the player in the rich and intriguing world of Egyptian mythology. The assets created should blend seamlessly with the existing game environment, providing a cohesive and immersive experience for the players.


The solution involves using Maya, a 3D modeling software, to create various assets such as the Sphinx, stone base, torches, rocks, and flowers. Adobe Substance Painter is then utilized for detailed texturing and the creation of realistic materials, adding depth and realism to the assets. Finally, Adobe Substance 3D Stager is employed to set up and arrange the assets within the Diorama. The end result is a visually captivating Diorama that seamlessly integrates with the Explorer 3D Game Kit.


This Diorama is a collection of assets that I created to fit into an existing game world called Explorer 3D Game Kit. I came up with the concept of an Egyptian mythology theme that would fit the game perfectly. Using Maya, a powerful 3D modeling software, I created a variety of assets including a Sphinx, a stone base, torches, rocks, and flowers.

Once the models were complete, I moved on to texturing using Adobe Substance Painter. This software allows for detailed texturing and the ability to create realistic materials. By using Substance Painter, I was able to give my assets a sense of depth and realism.

Finally, I used Adobe Substance 3D Stager to set up my assets in the Diorama. This software allows for easy placement and arrangement of objects within a scene. The final result is a visually stunning Diorama that immerses the player in the world of Egyptian mythology. The assets I created are highly detailed and textured, making them a perfect fit for the Explorer 3D Game Kit.

Modeling on Maya
Final rendered image
Final rendered image with a background


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